Application Assistance

International students planning to enter Community College, University, or Post-Graduate institutions in the next 1-4 semesters can look to us to help guide them through the application process. Our Application Assistance service is aimed to efficiently identify in three simple sessions what students can utilize in achieving the acceptance of their dreams.

Pre-College Session

In our first session we spend time learning more about who students are by exploring things like interests/hobbies, family, long term goals, academic history, etc. You will be expected to go over the following tests and Categories during this first meeting:

  1. Career interests test
  2. Personality test
  3. Major matching based on personal interests and personality
  4. Analysis of personal academic records and background
  5. Exploring students’ family expectations, values and support

Guidance Counseling Session

The fun part will begin as we determine the colleges and programs most suited for each student. UEG Counselors wok closely with students to design personal application plans. Making sure to cover the following topics during this crucial step:

  1. Making candidate colleges or graduate schools lists
  2. College application requirements
  3. Transcript requirements and preparation
  4. Requirements for language tests
  5. Requirements for other tests (SAT/ACT, GRE, GMAT)
  6. Recommendation letters
  7. Preparation for personal statements
  8. Preparation for interviews
  9. Resume building
  10. Scholarships /financial aid if it is available
  11. Other supplement documents, such as bank statements and passports
  12. Portfolio Preparation
  13. Developing college application timeline/calendars

Follow Up Session

The last session is optional. We feel that its important for international students to receive proper support so UEC Counselors will continue to provide assistance to students after their acceptance if requested. Sometimes it can be a difficult transition into the American higher education system and staying in touch through this change can be vital to students and their families to ensure their overall success.

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