Additional Services

Language Programs

We understand that for many students seeking an American education earning college credit may be too difficult for their individual English proficiencies. Students can use this option to enter into American English intensive programs allowing them to get used to the culture, which will better prepare them for the higher education system. Based on a student's English level, learning purpose, location preferences, and other requirements, UEG will recommend and contact language schools/programs on behalf of students interested.

Service details include:

  1. Collecting different language schools’ information for students.
  2. Helping students identify suitable language school programs based on their needs
  3. Assisting students with the application process to enroll in language schools.
  4. Follow up with students after enrolled.

Click here to find out some great language schools in the Southern CA area for International students!

Immigration Services

The relationships we have with are students are long term, we understand that even after they graduate, they may be wondering about visa transitions. To Better serve our students, we also provide free immigration workshops in partner with our attorneys. We wish to see our services provide a lasting effect on our students and believe this is one way to do so.

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