United Education Group Inc.

What is UEG?

United Education Group Inc. (UEG) is an independent organization that provides education consulting services for international students seeking to study in the U.S. It's our goal to help students experience rich and diverse study abroad experiences, preparing them for the globalized world we live in. At the center, UEG firmly believes that everyone deserves a chance to obtain a great education and international students are no exception.

What we do

  • Top California University Pathway (TCUP)
  • Top Art University Pathway (TAUP)
  • After School Care (ASC)
  • Summer Camps
  • College Preparation
  • University Application and Transfer Assistance
  • English Language programs
  • Immigration Advising



US Office:

Tel: 909-594-8526


Fax: 626-363--4935

International Toll Free: 950-4039-2433

Email: info@unitradegroupinc.com